Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LahinchThe new look at Lahinch Golf Club has a russet and green theme as the hot early summer sun scorches the earth while the sprinklers keep the grees ... well, green! They mowed the grass on one of those hot days just to produce the look.

The Club says that this is the optimum look for a seaside golf links and we are very much in tude with the modern thinking in this regard!!! Bring on some rain says I - I prefer the Emerald look at the seaside. Saying that, a run of 300 yards off the tee is not to be sniffed at ... and thats exactly what golfers who stay at Vaughan lodge are saying about their tee shots at Lahinch.

The clergy are enjoying the hallowed turf for the apst two days which accounts for the quietness of the village. No American Golfers when the club is booked out like that ... but then everyone is entitled to pay and play I guess...

A new gate went up this afternoon to secure the club and car park so you better get your car out before close of business or you will be on shanks mare for the home journey!!!

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