Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AARP Pulling Guinness in Ireland

The AARp has sent a worthy scout in the form of CBS's Peter Greenberg to study our habits of Leisure and report back to the many American memebrs of the AARP. He was spotted in Mc Dermotts Pub in Doolin last evening learning to pull the Perfect Pint from the great Doyen of Doolin herself, Patsy Mc Dermot.
The troupe pushed on well past midnight in their efforts to catch the lore and lustre of a great Irish Pub and then found themselves at the mercy of our great road signage and directions when they ended up in Spanish Point before retracing their paths to Lahinch where welcome Deochanna an Dorais ( One for the road!!) awaited and some comfortable beds and hospitality.

Today they are off to a rain washed Cliffs of Moher to record what are still the finest Cliffs in Europe, if not the highest as we are learning lately!!!

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  1. Curious thought.... Have you ever wondered how much Sky Sports take out of the local economy every year?
    Lets say 50 pubs/hotels average €600 per month
    Total €360,000.
    Pubs/Hotels in Country Kerry say 200 thats €1,440,000 after 2 years thats €2.88million With nothing given back!!!!
    We would have given back to the Kingdom €1.46 million